You Save $37.00! The wavelength for green light is 520 to 560 nanometers, with cyan falling in between. A French health authority warned of the dangers of blue light, stating this wavelength can damage the eye's retina while also disturbing our biological and sleep rhythms. Approaches to selectively reduce or filter short-wavelength light exposure to the eyes in the hours preceding bedtime, while allowing for maintained use of light-emitting electronic devices, may ameliorate adverse effects of so-called “blue” light on sleep. How does light wavelength affect photosynthesis? Add a little whimsy to your wardrobe with a pair of our Wavelength readers. Blue: 450-495 nm: 606-668 THz: Green: 495-570 nm: 526-606 THz: Yellow: 570-590 nm: 508-526 THz: Orange: 590-620 nm: 484-508 THz: Red: 620-750 nm: 400-484 THz: Example on Wavelength of Light. Retail Pricing: $79.00. Your Price: $42.00. The typical wavelength of blue light falls between 450 and 490 nanometers. The soft square fronts come in a variety of fun colors, combined with a scalloped painterly abstract design along the temples. Retail Pricing: $79.00. Blue light is a wavelength found naturally in sunlight, but electronic devices and some lightbulbs have increased our exposure to this light. ⏰ 47% OFF 2-5 Day US Shipping FREE Lifetime Warranty. Premium JellyFlex Super Durable - Jelly Black - Blue Light Blocking Glasses . Ans: Given, Frequency of light = \(6.24\times 10^{14}Hz\) We know, velocity of light = \(3\times 10^{8}m /sec\) As … Premium JellyFlex Super Durable - Jelly Pink - Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Blue light could be bad for our eyes, but it is also beneficial for our health. These reading glasses are available in all standard strengths, including no correction. Calculate the wavelength of visible light whose frequency is \(6.24\times 10^{14}Hz\). Learn the facts and myths about blue light. The best wavelengths of light for photosynthesis are those that are blue (375-460 nm) and red (550-700 nm).These wavelengths are absorbed as they have the right amount of energy to excite electrons in the plant's pigments, the first step in photosynthesis.This is why plants appear green because red and blue light that hits them is absorbed! Premium JellyFlex Super Durable - Jelly Black - Blue Light Blocking Glasses. The blue light suppressed melatonin for about twice as long as the green light and shifted circadian rhythms by twice as much (3 hours vs. 1.5 hours).